Welcome to the Beeac Primary School Parents and Friends Section of our website.

Because we are a small school, the teachers and support staff have a strong knowledge of your child and how best to assist their educational development.  As parents, however, we continue to have the strongest influence on how our children develop. The teachers greatly value each parent’s thoughts about how their child is developing. They in turn may have ideas that could assist you. This partnership often develops spontaneously as parents chat with their teachers when they pick up their child at the beginning and the end of each school day. It can also develop through parents being involved in other ways at the school, including involvement in the Parents & Friends Association.

This group of parents busies itself with raising school funds for our children. At present much of what they raise is used to assist in the cost of school trips during the term. These trips include visits to such venues as the swimming centre in Colac, trips associated with the term theme and numerous trips to sporting venues.

Of course it is not always convenient for parents to join the PFA, and other possibilities exist such as coming in to listen to our children read, and joining our School Council. The school is always on the look out for help, so please contact the school if you are interested.

By being involved closely with our school you are showing your child how much you value the importance of education. The staff too appreciate your support and encouragement.