Transition from home to school
Children’s first year at school is very important and can set the tone for the remainder of their school life. Parents of all prep children are encouraged to become involved in their child’s education both at school and at home.
Children entering the prep year of schooling are invited to take part in an orientation program at our school which is held during term four of the year previous to their entry. The children attend school, as guests, for one full day a week for the duration of the term. This has proven to be very beneficial to the children’s readiness for school routine and learning.
During the month of February the prep children will not attend school on Wednesday. On all other days they will finish their school day at the same time as the older children.

Transition from primary to secondary school
Year six children presently participate in a transition program in fourth term. The main purpose of the program is for the children to meet other students who will be in Year 7 at their school of choice, as well as to familiarise themselves with the facilities at the Secondary School.
Additionally secondary schools hold open nights/days for children and their parents to learn about the new school and have any queries answered.
Information/orientation sessions are a fantastic way for students, staff and families to see their intended new school close up.