Welcome to Beeac Primary School’s web site. We are a school that provides high quality learning opportunities for every child. How can we make this claim? Our annual NAPLAN and State test School frontresults provide strong evidence for our claim that we provide an academically rigorous environment. We consistently score significantly higher in the areas of Maths and English compared to other schools in the State.

The evidence also shows that we are a caring school. Our students enjoy themselves as shown by very high responses in our annual student and parent surveys. After all, the task of caring is made so much easier in a small school where every student is well known to our teachers and supporting aides.


Being a small school does not mean students miss out on stimulating and challenging learning experiences. Typically each year our students participate in such activities as: a Melbourne Adventure Camp,  swimming at one of the centres in Colac, and we also participate in the Active After Schools Program. Indeed I suggest that you look at our current school newsletter to get a sense of what we are currently involved with.  Additionally we are involved  in activities with neighbouring schools such as sporting activities and poetry and debating festivals. Additionally students will have the opportunity to participate in programs designed to develop their leadership skills and artistic talents.

Does this sound like the kind of school you would be interested in sending your child to? I would love the opportunity to show you around, introduce you to our teachers and spend some time explaining what we do. Give me a call at school to book an appointment on 5234 6463.

Andrew Rogers

School Principal