Where we are

Beeac Primary School is situated in the township of Beeac, a rural community 19km north-east of Colac.New bus

The students attending the school come from Beeac and surrounding communities of Cundare, Dreeite, Weering, Eurack and Cressy. Additionally families have access to a free bus that transports them through various townships between Beeac and Cressy.

Who we are

Beeac has an excellent staff to student ratio. Along with the Principal they include two full time teachers, three classroom aides, a specialist teacher and office staff.

What we learn

We have well documented courses. These courses address the Victorian Curriculum . They were developed with Lesley Tulloch, a curriculum consultant. They span a four year development timeline.


We have well documented assessment rubrics. We test our students at least three times each term using a variety of formal and informal processes. This helps us accurately define student progress and tells us about what needs to be learnt next.


We report student progress to parents several times a year. We have traditional parent/ teacher interviews at the middle of the year. At the end of the year we have student led conferences, where our students describe the work they have done and the skills that they have learnt. Additionally parents can access online updates of their child’s progress for English and Maths. These progression points are updated every term. They describe each child’s progress measured against the Victorian Curriculum and describe each progress in easily understandable terms, which we call “I statements”.

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Developing our studentsNew fun

At our school staff focus on student social development. To do this our school teaching team use a process called School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS.) It teaches students to behave responsibly with examples of observable behaviour. This objective is built around the school’s goals of: teamwork, learning and respect. School Values img


Click on the table above to see a larger image of our School Values.