Bushfires: Information for Parents

The following statements form the basis of the school’s response to a bushfire threat.

  • Children should be safe at school if a major fire threatens. The school building and the grounds provide a safe refuge and students will be kept inside until the danger has passed.
  • During a crisis parents will be advised not to try to collect children from school if the fire is imminent, as the school is a safe refuge and all students will be well cared for during such a crisis.
  • Nevertheless should parents wish to collect their children then students will normally only be released to a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN.
  • Buses will be held at school if there is known to be any danger along the bus route.  Parents should expect delays if fires are running and may obtain information by ringing the school, or by
  • listening to the local ABC. Please contact the school if you know of possible dangers along the bus route.
  • It is expected that the bus driver will stop and seek information if he/she sees evidence of fire. They will not drive through smoke and will seek a safe refuge if there is any possible danger.
  • Children will not be left at bus stops when there seems to be potential danger from fire unless someone is there to collect them.
  • If the bus is delayed we will attempt to contact  parents, but please remember that it is not always possible to make these telephone contacts.
  • Parents are reminded that the most dangerous place to be in the event of a wildfire is on the roads or caught in the open. Parents should not place themselves or others at additional risk by driving to the school if conditions on the roads are hazardous.


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